It was year 2009 when the new brand project called Hungry Beats was started, initially focused just on tribecore and frenchcore, but, as the time has passed by, also on styles like hardcore and terror as well. Project was started by two two czech producers, Filip Houdek and Kryštof Babjuk. On 2010 they released their very first EP “Out of bounds” (PNR01) on their own new label Prague Nightmare records and, on the same time, guys were called to cooperate with LXR record (Dave LXR) where their track “Black Labirinth” (Lost & Found 02) was released. In a very short time HB became quite popular across hardcore scene in CZ so in a very short time new episodes (PNR 02, Lost 03) were released, including unforgetable hits like “Head Crusher”, “Mad Joy”, “Hola Hola” and “Wrong Spiral”. As these tracks became more and more popular, global labels such as Astrofonik, Karnage, Noistorm and Noteasytunes called HB to cooperate and released like “I got something for your mind”, “Super crap”, “No Escape” and so one. On 2011 HB became more and more succesful all around the global scene, especially by theirgigs on Raving nightmare, We are together hardcore, E-mission, Footworxx vs. PRSPCT, Frenchcoresil vous plait, Therapy sessions, Xmassacre, Imagination festival, Koalition, etc… On the beggining of 2012 French producer DJ Tieum offered ot HB releasing their tracks on Altern- hate label, sublabel of Audiogenic records. On 2013 HB released their first full LP “the beggining of hell”, more focusedon hardcore than frenchcore. Guys on this record prooved their production skills what made it so succesful. Year 2014 brought collaboration with the cult project Rotterdam terror corps. HB produced hillarious remix of “Time to kill another one” and were invitedfor RTC’s anniversary party called “20 years Rotterdam terror corps”.
Hungry Beats published their second album entitled “Harder Than you“ at the end of the year 2014. This album is pure frenchcore and has received great response from the frenchcore music fans. This year they also got an offer from the Italian label Brutale. This sublabel of the biggest Italian hardcore label Traxtorm records released their track entitled “We Had A Problem” which made it to the top10? in Hardtunes! 2015: At the moment, Filip & Krystof are working hard on many new things and are hungrier and hungrier.
Among other things, HB are going to perform, as the very first CZ project, on the biggest hardcore festival on the entire universe, The Masters Of Hardcore and Dominator Festival at Netherlands!

Get excited! Their beats will eat you!