If there’s one undeniable fact about electronic music, it’s that it never stands still; perpetually evolving, growing and changing. Often at a speed that’s hard for some to keep up with. Forbidden Society is an artist who doesn’t struggle to keep up. With an attitude to business that reflects in his style of music – fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge – this artist not only produces his own compositions but he also tours the world as a DJ, owns his own record label complete with a healthy merchandise arm and runs a stage at one of the biggest festivals in his native Czech Republic. To some this dizzying array of roles might be a little too much to handle, but Jindrich Brejcha, better known as Forbidden Society, takes it all in his stride. A lifelong fan of the tougher side of music, he cut his teeth to the gritty sounds of punk and metal before being introduced to their electronic equivalents – gabber, hardcore and breakcore – at which point his life changed forever. Through immersing himself in these harder-edged electronic sounds, it wasn’t too long before Forbidden Society found himself evolving into the artist we know today.