30-year-old DJ, member of Liquid Drum & Bass crew

I was borned in Eastern part of Czech Republic, but I grew up in Děčín. I’ve encountered drum and bass for the first time kinda late when I was 18 years old already thanks to hearing out a tune called Unwanted from my fellow producer & DCGround crew DJ Wrm and I’ve immediately fallen in love with it. I’ve been into music since my childhood but before that I’ve been listening mostly to rock/punk and indie music.

I’ve started to attend some local parties and immediately got fully swallowed by the jungle/dnb culture. Next logical step for me was to try out DJing which happened in May 2010 for the first time and I wouldn’t let go ever since. I’ve worked very hard to get better and waited for the oppurtunity to play out regularly, which came in March 2012 when the local crew of DJs and producers called DCGround took me in. I left the crew in August 2018. Since June 2013 until January 2017 I was working for DnBPortal.com, first as an editor, then as Editor In Chief and later as the promoter of DnBPortal night and a guy behing Czech Drum & Bass Awards. Since July 2014 I’m also a part of Liquid Drum & Bass crew and since July 2014 I worked as a PR specialist/copywriter for Czech drum & bass label Authentic Music for a while. I was also a part of Artifact crew during 2017. Nowadays I focus on promoting nights with Liquid & Bass crew in Cross Club and also legendary Take Control night in Storm Club with my wife (as Far Horizon) and Mellifera.

I’m usually going for varied selection while playing out, drawing for liquid, tech and deep stuff mostly. You can hear me at Liquid Drum & Bass crew nights such as Double Trouble or Liquid Flights at Cross Club, Prague, Take Control night at Storm Club and various other events. In 2015 I’ve played at Let It Roll Open Air festival for the first time at Czech Represents stage, in 2016 I’ve played Svojšice, Cross and Exploration Oper Air festivals as well as Let It Roll again, this time at Hospitality night at Factory stage.

Near the end of 2013 I’ve managed to come out on top of another 48 DJs in the Eatbrain DJ Competition which gave me the oppurtunity to join the lineup of Jade, Mindscape & Neonlight at the Eatbrain night in Budapest and my winning mix was published as the 11th installment of the official Eatbrain podcast. In July 2015 I’ve ended up 3rd in RAM x Sundown DJ Competition and in December 2016 I’ve been selected as a runner-up in Eatbrain DJ Competition 2016.