How many DJs can you fit into one 14-hour summer party? More than enough! At the Outdoor Rave festival, it will be more than a few dozen. We announced a party for the most die-hard ravers, and here we are with the line-up, clearly showing we kept our deal. Testing your endurance at the DNB Stage will be the high-speed racerA.M.C., the butchers Hallucinator or the experienced crew of Inward, Hanzo & Randie. Are you feeling tough? Like nothing can surprise you? Let it show at the Harder Styles Stage under the command of pure maniacs such as DJ Mad Dog, Andy Svge or HungryBeats. The numerous local support DJs are also sharpening their sonic knives – Forbidden Society, Madface and many experienced b2b duos such as A-Cray & Symplex, Snookey & N:Force or Bifidus Aktif & Fallen Gemini.

Are you up for the Outdoor Rave party challenge? The natural open-air festival area Svojšice will open on Saturday, 24th August 2019. No tickets yet? Well, hurry up!