This year, Outdoor Rave 2019 will take place in the environment of the proven qualities in natural festival area in Svojšice, where the party will be full-fledged from the afternoon. On August 24th, the last open air drum and bass and harder styles party of the season will take place there! The party will go on for endless 14 hours, which means that this ultimate rave will end only with the dawn. All ravers will have enough time to enjoy this beautiful piece of nature not only in the day light, but also with the unique spotlights, thanks to which you will experience a really spectacular visual show.

There will traditionally be two stages – one will be drum & bass oriented and the other will be dedicated to harder styles. Outdoor Rave will be the only outdoor event in the Czech Republic that this year will combine two genres of this kind of music in the type of natural environment like this. The whole Czech scene will meet at this unique place at the same time.

Both stages will be partially covered, so bad weather will not have the slightest chance to endanger this crazy ride. In addition, the Svojšice Nature Center is located in the heart of the Czech Republic, not far from Pardubice. It means the only thing, whether you are from any part of the Republic, the journey to the festival will not take you more than 3 hours.

Remember, camp in the beautiful nature without having to pay anything extra. Just buy tickets festival tickets for CZK 220. They are available on our website!